NOTE: SafetyPosterShop.com sells only the digital file, NOT the printed poster. You can download the poster files from this site and print them at your local print shop (or with your own printer) as many as you need, OR if you need the posters to be printed and delivered to you please click this link > Safety Poster Print.


There are 2 options to obtain the safety posters here.

The first one is direct purchase, you simply pay for the poster you have selected (Read “HOW TO BUY” below).

The second option gives you unlimited access by joining membership. Pay one time annual membership fee , and you get unlimited free access to all the posters in one whole year.  >> Click here for more details on Membership <<


How To Buy

1. Select your poster category at CATEGORIES column on the right sidebar.

2. Select the items that suit your need on the left section.



3. To buy the poster file, click ADD TO CART button below the poster description.


4. If what you need are printed posters, then click the text link SAFETY POSTER PRINT SHOP which will open a new window containing the website of Safety Poster Print Shop which is co-operated with CafePress.com. In this site, you can order the posters printed and delivered to your address.

5. After you click  ADD TO CART button (step #3), your selected item will be displayed  in your SHOPPING CART at the top right sidebar. To buy more items just repeat the  steps. If you have finished buying, tick “I agree to the Terms & Condition” then click the CHECK OUT button.



6. You will be taken to Paypal billing page to do your payment.

NOTE : Your payments are securely processed by Paypal but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select the option to pay with a credit card on the checkout page .




7. After finishing the payment process, eventually you will be taken to the download page , where you will get your download links for the purchased items. The same download links will be also sent to your email.

8. You will get 2 notification emails in your inbox. One is from Safety Poster Shop, showing your purchased item and its download link. And another is payment receipt from Paypal.  So you get 2 options to start downloading your poster : from the download page or from the notification email.

9. If you already have PDF Reader installed in your computer, clicking the download link will directly open the poster file. You can just click  SAVE A COPY  button on your toolbar to save the poster file to your storage disk.




How To Order Custom Design

1. From the top menu bar, select your preference : ADD YOUR LOGO+NAME or CUSTOM DESIGN .You will be taken to referring page.


2. Or you can select it from the text-links at the bottom of  poster description.