SafetyPosterShop.com supplies ready-to-print safety posters that you can download. You can print it at your local print-shop and reproduce it as many as you need. All the graphics are created by our in-house graphic designers, so you don’t have to to worry about copyright infringement issue. All the posters were created based on the health and safety guidelines issued by OSHA, HSE, and other health and safety institutions, and also from several safety product manufactures. Use them as wall posters or as handouts (or both). Helps to avoid accidents and meet OSHA, HSE, or your country’s standard safety requirements.

Our posters have been used by companies, organizations, and governments in 72 countries around the world to increase safety awareness among their staff and workers.

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All the posters designed by SafetyPosterShop.com have these features :



We use bold, simple graphics with a clean layout, to ensure the information is easily perceived by the eyes and understood by everyone.

We apply direct, simple messages, as we realize that workers who read the safety posters may come from different places and cultures. So there is no second guessing, no miss-interpretation, and no deep thinking to be able to understand the messages.

All the posters are created in vector image type and saved in PDF file. That means, you can scale it up to a billboard size and still retain the same, sharp image quality as the one in A2 size. By using the vector image, you’ll get the maximum flexibility to apply it on any media size without worrying about the image resolution issue.

All the posters come in a standard size of A2  ( 420 x 594 mm, or 23.4 x 16.5 inch ). They can easily be downsized to A3, A4, or upsized to A1 or even A0 proportionally. These sizes fit the international standard print paper size. And all the posters are printable either using digital printer, plotter or offset printer.


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Beside the ready-to-use safety posters, we also provide additional services :

You want your logo and company name on the posters ?
Sure you can ! With just a small additional fee, we will help you put company name, logo, contact numbers, or any other information on the posters. Go here for details.

You need a custom design poster? We can help you too. We will create a whole new design to suit your specific need. Click here for details.


For more details on poster usage please read the Terms of Use.

New artworks are added regularly every week.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for yet, or come up with an idea, don’t hesitate to send us your suggestion as we may put it in our next-to-do list.

And remember, the posters are only reminders of how to deal with the health and safety issues at workplace, they do not replace training and hands-on experience.