Member’s Page

Dear Members,

Since February 2016, we no longer receive new applicant for Credit Account membership. However the existing members can still use their credits left in their existing account. When it is empty, the account will be closed automatically.

At this moment the existing members are only 3 left, including you (per December 2018). But, do not worry, you still can buy using your remaining credits. But now we do it manually.

First, please bookmark this page in your browser, cause from now on, this page will serve as your order page, and you can’t find this page on the website menu.

Next, please use the form below to order your posters. We will send the download links to you manually ( allow 24 hours or less ) and together with that, you will be informed on your remaining credits. When there is no more credit left, then your account will be closed.

Thank you for your understanding.



Order Form

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