Add Logo & Name

There is an empty space at the bottom of each poster. This space is reserved as your branding spot, where you can place your logo, your company name, contact number, or any other information on it.

To do that you need to open / import the poster file using Adobe illustrator / CorelDraw / Inkscape, or other similar vector graphic applications. After adding your logo and text you can re-save it either as a PDF or any other file types.

If you can’t do it by yourself or you don’t want all the hustle, we can help you for an additional fee :  $10 / poster

If you already bought the poster before, you will be charged $10 for the branding fee only. But if you haven’t, the total charge will be the poster price ($12) + branding fee ($10) = $22.
The bill will be send to your email and paid in advance.

Any inquiries regarding this service, please send it to :   or use the Contact form.


The information we need are :

  •   Your text to be applied on the poster (company name, tagline, telephone/emergency number, etc.)
  •   Your logo image
  •   Which poster you want (just write the title of the poster)
  •   If you have bought the poster before, please include your proof of purchase (Paypal transaction number)
  •   Your member ID (if you are a member)


Terms :

  • The draft will be presented to you via email.
  • Unlimited revision.
  • Upon your approval, the Final Artwork will be processed into PDF file, and sent to your email.
  • Turn around time : max. 2 x 24 hours.


poster branding for PennPrime

Poster branding for PennPrime



Poster branding for Komatsu



Poster branding for Becker Helicopters



Poster branding for JEL

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